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The COIL Team

The COIL team consists of a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have collectively been involved with several crypto-space projects throughout the years. While the team and volunteers decided to take a more decentralized approach to the project and not list themselves publicly, all of our code and contracts and entirely 100% open-source are verifiable.

As well, the COIL treasury/team/ecosystem funds are all held in several addresses and can be audited by anyone at any time. Our smart contract addresses are listed publicly on our home page, as well as on the COIL page for easy access.

Discord Handles


Ghost#8941 || ID - 438136257084653588
dante_u#0918 || ID - 457650273721253909
Koringa#5306 || ID - 107155950418264064
CuzznDread#2836 || ID - 437041470156046336
RumpSauce#3348 || ID - 456125227974262785
Brian 🤑#6969 || ID - 113283253196034048
Paiva#6686 || ID - 113283253196034048
alberto#4387 || ID - 758471346262376469