Coil Spring over 200%+ APY

Frequently Asked Questions

The SpringApp incentivizes liquidity on Uniswap by paying out rewards from the Liquidity fund. Click here to read more.

Check the step by step guide here .

1st Tier: 0-25 Ethereum ($ETH) = COIL @ $0.96

2nd Tier: 26-50 Ethereum ($ETH) = COIL @ $0.92

3rd Tier: 51-100 Ethereum ($ETH) = COIL @ $0.88

Yes, it is locked through Unicrypt.
We will release 5% each week.

Rebase is calculated by the following formula:

((Oracle price - Target price)/(Target price))*10 = Rebase %

COIL is available on Uniswap
Our code is available to the public on GitHub by clicking here