Coil Spring over 200%+ APY

What is COIL?

COIL is a dynamic yet predictable decentralized elastic supply token redesigned to solve market manipulation and appeal to all.

COIL is an elastic supply cryptocurrency with a built-in 23 hour rebase mechanism. The supply of COIL tokens “coil and recoil, “which adjusts to the supply and demand of the market. Think of COIL as an automated Central Bank that expands and contracts the current monetary supply, based on economic supply and demand factors. COIL’s target is the 2020 USD adjusted for CPI Inflation. It is designed to rebase every 23 hours and self-regulate to keep in-line with current supply and demand, all done via Smart Contracts. When the price is over $1.05 Coil automatically increases supply and distributes it to all addresses. When the price is under $0.95 Coil automatically decreases supply of all addresses. This is designed to create buying and selling pressure to push COIL back to its target price. The rebase formula is ((Oracle price – Target Price ) / (Target Price)) * 10 = Rebase %. With that said; COIL is not a stable coin. Although COIL is designed to coil and recoil around the target price it will also go through expansion and contraction phases just like all markets. Especially in the younger days, it will be prone to larger volatility. However, as Coil grows larger in market cap, age, supply, and liquidity it will be less prone to volatility and become a much more stable asset. This will make Coil very beneficial in decentralized finance as a collateral asset, as well as a general hedge to hold in portfolios, since Coil is much less correlated to Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies.

What is important to note about COIL is that it is also non-dilutive. If you buy into the COIL network, and never buy or sell and just hold, your share of the network will never change. You may have more or less coins, but your % share of the supply and market cap will not change. Unlike Bitcoin where the supply is finite and price is volatile, the price of Coil will generally hover closer to $1 especially as it matures. COIL transforms the price volatility of BTC into supply volatility. The future of COIL will be for use on many ecosystems including Polkadot, Tezos, Cardano, and others. We see Coil as becoming a decentralized – self-governing – less correlated – more stable asset and a backbone of DeFi and cryptocurrency as it grows.

We are excited for the cryptocurrency world to meet and embrace COIL. Cryptocurrency and DeFi is in its infancy, and growing every day. In fact, we believe the space is growing so quickly more and more use cases will pop up for COIL that have not even been thought of or discovered yet. It will be an exciting journey as we transform the entire cryptocurrency space with a dynamic, fair, decentralized, and predictable elastic currency.